Start Your Own Business!

Do you like the concept of a Story Board?  Can you envision Story Boards being used for a specific purpose?

If so, and you have a community or audience that could be receptive to such boards, then picture this!
  • You decide to call "Story Boards" "Photo Boards".
  • You have a web site to sell your Photo Boards.
  • You advertise to your community that these are available.
  • You sit back and watch as your community signs up for your Photo Boards.
  • Recurring income just keeps coming into your bank acccount. 
Still interested? We can set you up with all the tools you need to make a business out of this. You can sign up directly from this site and can immediately start your business!

As a small business owner ourself, we are extremely interested in offering individuals this opportunity to amplify their income and offer a valuable product to their community.